Netpremacy, Leeds Office Commercial Photography and Virtual Tour

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Here’s the commercial photography and the 360 virtual tour for Google Street View of Netpremacy, a really smart looking office space at Wellington Place in Leeds. This was a ten panorama photoshoot which shows off the business on Google Maps and extends Google Street View right inside the venue. The free interior photographs are an added bonus to the 360 walkthrough and when you have a great looking business this will help to attract the customers through the door. 

You walk into a large wooden panelled reception that cleverly draws your eyes right up to the glowing welcome desk and to their company logo that seems to shine out from the wooden panel wall that lifts out of the ground. This wall acts as a partition to the office space behind it but there’s an winding office path that joins the two areas together and this sits in a fun office garden, with picnic table, hammock and table football game. The office space then has a functional kitchen, a comfy sofa seating space with large TV and hanging chandelier, then a couple of pod rooms for private cam hangouts. The open space then has a row of computer desks, lined with a couple of breakout tables to allow you to get away from the computer. Then the final cherry on the top is an impressive conference room with cleverly lit wall panels which gives it a very futuristic look. This office space is a real knockout and they’ll have a line full of potential employees wanting to work here just because of the fun and creative interior design of the venue – hell, I’d love to work in this space!


Google Street View Virtual Tour

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