I’ve been told that my clients would like to see who they’ll be hiring. So, feeling a bit silly, I set up the camera to shoot myself. It was a hard shoot, as I wasn’t behind the camera, but I managed.


Hello everyone!


Now it’s probably worth while mentioning my unusual first name. Bevan is a Welsh surname and although both my parents and I were born in England, we have family that were raised right on the Welsh border and Bevan was my granny’s maiden name. I was actually born in Headingley, Leeds.

 I loved being creative from an early age and one of my first memories came from taking credit for a scribbled drawing my sister had created on the living room wall. I wasn’t showered with praise but that didn’t stop the respect I developed for artistic talent. This desire to produce visually appealing images developed from sketching into sculpting and then a little sideways by going into photography and design.


I studied photography at Leeds College of Art & Design where we actually used dark rooms and since then a camera has never been far from my side. I went to Sunderland University and got a degree in Electronic Media Design, where we used a wide range of media to produce imaginative projects from web sites to animations. Since leaving uni I’ve been working as a freelance photographer and designer in Leeds and the surrounding area, whilst educating myself in new techniques to keep on top of the ever changing market.

I shot my first wedding in 2007 and in 2013 Google authorised me as a Google Street View | Trusted Photographer, which lets me bring Google Street View INSIDE businesses throughout the UK. Then in 2015 my girlfriend and I had a baby girl so I now have my very own baby model to photograph.

Happy days!

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Alongside the photography I produce websites and my photography frequently finds it’s way into these projects, something that really helps to produce content when clients are struggling to know what to add. This variety of work lets me think outside the box to create unique and inspiring websites and projects.


I love what I do for a living and hope you see this in the work I do.