Leeds Family & Toddler Portrait Photography

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James Daggers has just turned one so what better time to get a toddler portrait photography session booked in. Not really a baby anymore, the toddler portrait session took place at the Dagger’s family home in North Leeds. We had a few props from toys, teddies, a sign that said ‘James is one’ to a bubble machine, a swing and a cat.


Yes a real life cat…


… made James laugh anyway.


We had a few different backdrops outside, from the swing set, being thrown in the air with the trees in the background, sat on the bench on the patio and sat on the garden path with bubbles floating round him. Then we took it inside and again used a few different rooms in the house, finding a nice backdrop to frame the picture and then tried to make James laugh. The best at this was the cat and she didn’t even have to try. 

Here’s a few of the pictures from the day, the rest make there way to the family so they can print and share with their family and friends. 


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