You’ll have to do this on a computer’s browser window like ‘Chrome’ or ‘Safari’, you won’t be able to do it on your phone or other mobile device.

Firstly, navigate to your virtual tour and travel to the location where you’d like it to start from. Finding the correct angle, then zoom in and out until you’re happy with the position.

Then click on the three dot menu button next to your company name in the top left of the screen.


Please note;- if there three dots don’t load you’ll need to reload the tour again. So search for the business in Google and click on the map area of the Knowledge Graph (Google My Business profile), then click into the virtual tour and the dots should appear.



Click on ‘Share or embed image’



Click on the ‘Embed image’ tab



Now there are different options for different sizes, depending on how big you want the tour on your site – ‘Small’, ‘Medium’, ‘Large’ or a custom size.

If any of the three standard sizes look good then click the one you like then copy the URL and paste it into the correct page on your website.

If you want it to fit into a specific space on your website with particular dimensions then click ‘Custom size’.



Here you can alter the size of the tour to your needs and preview what it would look like.



Then copy the URL and paste it into the correct page on your website



Unfortunately I can’t really advise how you paste this into your site as each site is different but if you manage your own site and get stuck then I’d be happy to offer support if I can.